Baboon Galahad is a powerful member of the Apostles' Creed and the subject of Ryder's vendetta. 


Galahad does not differ much in from when his regular appearance is compared to his transformed state, aside from the acquisition of monkey-like body hair and a curved tail. He usually wears a confident expression and a smirk to compliment his attitude.


Galahad is a relaxed individual who never wavers in face of adversity. In a sense, he enjoys fighting difficult battles and grows excited unter intense pressure- never fearing for himself.  Baboon Galahad describes himself as "not a hardass", meaning he will do what needs to be done but won't perform any acts that would violate his own code of respect for life. 

He refuses to take the lives of children, even those left for dead as he believes everyone deserves the right to fight for their lives until their last breath. 


Monkey KingEdit

Galahad is a reincarnation of the diety Gokku, a staff-wielding legendary ape. His transformation-type godsend allows him to conjure a form of Gokku's essence and wield the extending staff.  

Martial Arts MasteryEdit

Galahad possesses immense experience in palm-based martial arts. Upon entering his signature stance, Galahad can overwhelm his opponent with unpredictable strikes and shocking speed.