Barracuda Alligood is the president of the Apex organization and the legal guardian of Ryder. He is a stern, shady man who rarely shows himself in public.

Appearance Edit

Barracuda is tall and well-built. He wears a military-style cap that shades his eyes along with a white overcoat. His short hair, eyes, pants, and gloves are all black.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Absolute Power Edit

Barracuda's Transformation-type godsend grants him a hulking red goliath form. In this form, he is granted the very pinnacle of physical strength, making him shatter the ground by merely walking. The power he possesses also grants him extreme durability.

  • Absolute Jet- A technique in which Barracuda throws a punch at the air, inciting a massive shockwave capable of collapsing buildings.
  • Absolute Vanish- Barracuda's muscles in his transformed state allow him to launch himself at extreme speed between distances. In addition to this, he can also run unexpectedly fast.