Freak Show (sometimes styled as FreakShow) is an American webcomic series written and illustrated by the anonymous author who goes by the pen name "Wyatt Wheatley". The initial draft dates back to 2015, with the official serialization expected to begin in 2020.

Production Edit

Wyatt Wheatley describes Freak Show to be an "amalgamation of basically everything", stating that production of the series was fueled by indulgence in all kinds of culture, such as Japanese anime and manga, comic books, biblical stories, urban legends, music (specifically Punk Rock), professional wrestling, video games, and much more. Every character is stated to be a combination of dozens of other characters and figures, from their appearance to their personality.

The plot has been drafted for years, with every bit of story progression coming from what Wheatley describes as "daydreams and brainstorms".

Media Edit