Godsends are unique powers demonstrated by select humans who are born with them. While initially a mystery in terms of where they came from, it is later revealed that godsends are the results of humans being born as reincarnations of gods that recently died. Humans can bring out, or "transmute", godsends by releasing their aura.

Initially, humans possessing godsends were an extremely rare sight, but the count grew significantly due to Nealuchi's killing spree of the gods. The largest string of godsend-inheritors were humans born in age 2036. Dubbed the "blessed generation", they are the indirect result of Nealuchi.

Types of Godsends Edit

Godsends are most commonly displays of power that belonged to the gods that which the humans are reincarnated as. These come in three categories:

Emission Type Edit

Humans with an Emission-type godsend are able to transmute their aura into matter that the deceased god represented. With enough experience, Emission-type godsend users can manipulate the shape of their matter and in some cases, even properties such as concentration or pressure.

Equip Type Edit

Humans with an Equip-type godsend can transmute a form of equipment that defined the deceased god. Transmuting the equipment alone requires minimal aura. "Charging" the equipment with the user's aura will then trigger the power of the equipment.

Transformation Type Edit

The rarest form of godsends and arguably the greatest, a Transformation-type godsend user can assume a form in the likeness of the god. This is complete with any equipment that defined the god and/or any powers the god possessed. Essentially, it can be a combination of Emission and Equip-type godsends. However, the Transformation-type godsend requires the most aura to use and can be very difficult to control.

The type of godsend is determined by how well the soul of the god was able to merge itself with the soul of the soon-to-be conceived human. In a partially successful case, humans are born with an Equip or Emission-type. If the god soul completely merges with the human's soul, they are born with a Transformation-type godsend.