"Guess I've still got it after all..." ― Moses during his battle with Addramelech

Moses is a major character of Freak Show, serving as one of the rookie coaches of Apex. His early and personal life remains a great mystery.

Appearance Edit

Moses appears hardened and stern, as he often wears a stoic expression. He is a considerably tall man and was quite muscular in his prime, but has recently grown skinnier over the years.

He has unkempt chestnut-colored hair with a scruffy beard to compliment his "tough guy" look.

The attire of Moses consists of a brown trench coat over a black t-shirt with blue jeans. His coat is left open most of the time. On rare occasions he will wear a military-style hat.

Personality Edit

Moses refrains from drawing much attention to himself. He is very reserved, introverted, and unenergetic, though he does get random jolts of excitement at times. He enjoys reading comics, especially yet strangely eastern comics with a target audience of young girls.

Moses is extremely passionate about protecting and saving people, so much to the point that he continuously overexerts himself through his nonstop defending of the innocent. He also believes being an adventurer is all about serving humanity and only takes on missions that benefit the lives of others. This has earned him the nickname "Superhero" Moses.

Abilities Edit

Life Fibers Edit

Moses possesses a godsend that offers immense practicability in combat: the calling forth and manipulation of life fibers. He can generate this matter by focusing his aura throughout his system, cloaking his entire figure or select parts of his body with pure life matter. This is very utilitarian and can be applied in combat for a multitude of purposes.

  • Enhanced Range & Power- Life fibers are highly stretchable and can be focused/hardened at will. This allows Moses to deal hard blows from a variety of ranges. He can also exploit this elasticity by simply using physics to his advantage in the form of slingshot-style attacks and maneuvers.
  • Defensive Capabilities- Moses can tighten the life fibers that coat his form in order to provide significant damage resistance.

Aura MasteryEdit

Moses can focus his aura exceptionally well. He is able to enhance his physical capabilities as well as his godsend masterfully, to which he credits many years of experience to.

Combat Proficiency Edit

Moses is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting approach encompasses elements from multiple martial arts styles while also incorporating less flashy street-fighting tactics.

History Edit

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