Nergal is the powerful and warmongering Diety that holds the position of a Baron of Hell. .

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Nergal is cunning, chaotic, and imposing in disposition. He is loud and violent when in combat, demonstrating the enjoyment he derives from violence. Nergal also showcases a humorous and playful side, as he has been shown to take his time humiliating enemies and going easy on them. He also strongly dislikes being interrupted, possibly because he takes it as a disregarding of his status.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Absolute War Edit

Nergal, being a diety to represent a broad subject, possesses the ability to call upon an arsenal of massive proportions: all known instruments of war. Every single weapon from wars of the past and present can be generated and wielded by Nergal at will, including even armor and shields. Nergal's use of these weapons is of course much more powerful than humanity's due to his godly aura.

War Saber Edit

Nergal's personal sword. It is a rapier of incredible sharpness, a sword fit for both thrusting and slashing. The blade is made from an unbreakable steel.

Disaster Bow Edit

The bow that Nergal calls upon as a weapon of mass destruction. The arrows are crafted from an otherworldly metal that conducts aura dangerously. With Nergal's godly level of aura, he can charge the bow to fire highly destructive shots. His WMD is a technique involving Nergal charging an arrow with a significant portion of his aura, which is capable of destroying planets.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Nergal is clearly inspired from the Mesopotamian diety of the same name.
  • Discarded drafts reveal Nergal's name was intended to have been Mozazel.