"While you were learning the alphabet I was preparing for the day I would have to stab someone." ― Ryder recalling her life in the slums of the Blood Region

Ryder is the main protagonist of Freak Show. She leads the life of an adventurer in training under the guidance of Moses, whom she admires intensely.

Victim of a troubled past and social difficulties as an adopted refugee from the Blood Region, Ryder decided to dedicate her life to working hard in order to become an adventurer of legendary status. She envisions the Blood Region as one day a peaceful nation under the lead of a righteous ruler. 

Of her group of rookies, Ryder is considered to be the hardest-hitting. This is accredited to her explosive godsend of "Nuke Hands".

Appearance Edit

Ryder is a short and skinny girl with naturally platinum-blonde hair and light hazel eyes. She usually wears a blue hat & hoodie with black athletic shorts. In comedic situations, an ahoge sticks out of her hair and remains visible even through her hat. 

Personality  Edit

Outgoing and optimistic, Ryder doesn't take "no" for an answer and tries her best to succeed alongside her peers. She can be cheerful and energetic, but some doubt the legitimacy of her smile. Moses has taken note of her disposition, and thinks that she is strong-willed to remain a happy person given her past. 

One aspect of her personality that has never changed is Ryder's gung ho-ness. She always puts herself in harm's way, often to protect others, and gets fired up over fighting. Her use of explosions is without a doubt reckless.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Nuke HandsEdit

Ryder possesses the ability to transmute a highly combustible ash cloud which she can ignite manually with a surge of her aura. The ash can only stay manifested for three seconds at most before it fades. Due to this limitation, Ryder often encorporates her godsend into close-range fist fighting to create explosive punches.

History Edit

Blood Region slums Edit


Eloise's Care Edit


Apex Campground #1Edit

Ryder had departed to enlist in Apex's Godsend-Training course, which was not located too far from Eloise's apartment. Upon arrival she befriended Sol and later Ash after the three were teamed up.