Sol is a member of the Unsullied Tribe and an adventurer-in-training. He belongs to Team #1 of Campground 1 along with Ryder and Ash.

He is the reincarnation of Ta'Raza, the heavily revered god of the Unsullied people.

Appearance Edit

Sol is a boy of average build and height with unkempt blonde hair. He often wears casual athletic clothes to blend in with the majority of people his age, but sports his traditional tribal wear when he is living alongside his fellow Unsullied.

When transformed upon use of his godsend, Sol becomes tan in skin color and his hair grows in length while changing to a pure white color. His "God of Justice" form is also clad in tribal leather armor and a feathered crown.

Personality Edit

Sol comes off as anxious quite a lot. He is a shy individual who prefers not to speak unless spoken to and grows nervous when in conversation. When it comes to his vendetta against Thomas Jefferson, however, Sol is determined and fiery. His lack of confidence fades in proportion to the power he acquires over the course of his training.

Powers/Abilities Edit


Sol's godsend is of the Transformation type. He assumes a form in the essence of Ta'Raza, possessing an ornate sword that also acts as a "Death Whistle".